RV Camping

Clean, Fun, Safe and Family Friendly RV Park

We welcome RV campers to make use of our convenient and safe sites that are designated specifically for these types of vehicles. These concrete pads are back-in accessible. Some lots offer only water & electricity while others come with access to water, electricity and sewer. We do have restrooms and showers available and they have easy accessibility throughout the park as well. Sites may include a fire ring, picnic table, and BBQ grill. Prices of our R.V. camping lots vary. Please see the chart below.

Reservations: 972-294-1443

Check-In: 3PM
Check-Out: 12PM

50 AMP:
1, 2, 7, 47, 48, 71-7850 AMP:
35-37, 38-43, 52-69, 79-84

R.V. & Trailer Sites
Electric and Water Electric, Water, and Sewer
Lake Front: $50 per night
Sites: 4-15, 20-21, 23-26, 32B, 46-49B
Lake Front: $50 per night
Sites: 33-35B, 42-43
Non Lake Front: $35 per night
Sites: 1-3, 16-19B, 27-29, 37B, 44-45, 50, 70-78
Non Lake Front: $42 per night
Sites: 30-32, 36-37, 38-41, 52-69, 79-84

* Tents, cabins and RV sites must move every two weeks per management.
* If not cleaned, a cleaning fee for BBQ grills and/or fire pits is $25.00.

RV Park Safety: 7 Tips to a Better Experience

  1. As with any vehicle or machinery, never operate one under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  2. It is unsafe for the RV to be moving while the oven or stove is in use.
  3. Make sure that any extension cords or hoses you use are not damaged.
  4. Use wheel chocks when the RV will not be moving for a while.
  5. Lock your rig when going to sleep or if you are leaving it for a long period of time.
  6. It is unwise to drive an RV or Winnebago without experience.
  7. Even if you have done it before, you should not handle an RV if you are not confident to do so.

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