Why Camping in Fall Might be Even Better Than Summer

autumn fall camping fresco the colony dallasFew images can top the picturesque appearance of a calming lake, surrounded by the beautiful warm colors of fall. Whether your camping trip is intended to be a romantic weekend getaway or for quality time with the family that you love, autumn sets the perfect background for a tranquil “stay-cation” in Frisco or The Colony.

Our park receives more visitors during the summer season, but what most people fail to keep in mind are the benefits of fall camping. That being said, fall campers find that the park is more private after summertime ends.

The weather is obviously much milder in autumn. This is especially true in the Dallas, Texas area, where the average high temperature in July is a blazing 96 degrees. In October, the average high is 20 degrees lower than that, which most people would consider to be perfectly comfortable. Camping in fall allows you to cozy up and snuggle with a warm beverage while you enjoy the fresh air and peaceful scene around you. Your campfire becomes a utility rather than just a novelty. (The perfect time for spooky tales to be shared!)

There are also much fewer bugs in autumn. While October is a month full of creepy crawlers, you don’t want them near your campsite, and coming in the cooler months might be the solution for people that particularly want to avoid spiders, flies, mosquitoes, and other common insects.

Feel free to find out the benefits of camping in fall for yourself, here at Hidden Cove Park & Marina. Rent a cabin or bring a tent. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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